About the Curriculum

In the opinion of FFA, the full 11 v 11 game should be played from U/12 at the earliest. Worldwide, many experts are of the opinion that even this is too early and it’s better to wait till after the growth spurt.

There is general consensus though on the fact that a weekly game is a vital element for the development of young players because the game is the frame of reference that tells us if we are improving. Only in a regular, year-round competition environment can players develop game cleverness, game hardness and game experience.

In youth football the development of the INDIVIDUAL should come first NOT the team result, something many coaches (and parents) often seem to forget.

In order to develop players to the maximum of their potential, they need to continuously be challenged to raise their
individual bar.

Therefore each player should train and play at a level that is most appropriate for his/her actual development stage. If the level of resistance is too low and it’s too easy, players do not develop. If the level of resistance is too high and it’s too difficult, they do not develop either.

This is why the best must train with the best and play against the best.

This also explains why quality competitions are such a vital element of the development pathway.