About the Curriculum

Why Have a National Football Curriculum?

In all walks of life, it is wise to set targets and develop action plans in order to achieve them.

It became clear to us that Football in Australia had not clearly articulated either of these. We did not have a sated goal nor a mindmap outlining how we would get there. In 2009, the first National Football Curriculum (NFC) was launched in order to rectify this.

Although there have been many positive developments since the first NFC, the understanding of it in the broader football community can still be much improved especially at grassroots level.

philosophical starting points but lacked detailed explanation and practical examples.

This new version explains the mental and physical characteristics of children and young adults during the various developmental stages and how these stages are linked. It also contains Model Sessions for every phase and explains how to organise sessions and plan 6-week training cycles for a season.

The Curriculum is a practical guide for coaches and players of every age, gender or level as well as their parents.

The National Football Curriculum intends to deliver an Australian playing and coaching philosophy based on analysis of top football and scientific research, taking the specific circumstances and characteristics of Australian football into consideration.

So, it is not someone’s opinion or a copy of another country’s curriculum.

It is aimed at a fundamental transformation of the way football is played and coached in Australia, especially at youth level, in order to develop future generations of players and teams that will enable Australia to maintain a leading position in world football, particularly within the Asian Football Confederation.

We hope this new version of the National Football Curriculum will create a better understanding of what high quality youth coaching is about and therefore help to dramatically raise the standard of our game at grassroots level.

After all, only a strong and broad foundation will create quality at the top.

Many challenges still lay ahead but if we all work together in the interest of our great game, we can overcome any roadblocks and hurdles and make Australia truly a World Leader of the World Game.