The Discovery Phase

Middle: 1v1 Mini Games

Discovery -Phase -Model -Sessions -Model -Session -4-Middle -1v 1-Mini -Games

Make three small areas about 10m Ă— 7m.

Players play 1 v 1 on each mini-field and score by dribbling the ball over the opponents’ line.

Think of safety when setting up; avoid scenarios where players could dribble into each other by allowing buffer zones.

Guidelines for 1v1 Mini Games

Keep rotating so opponents are changed regularly. Rotation also allows a period of rest, so control how long rotation takes depending on how fatigued the players seem. You could also give some brief hints to the whole group in order to give them a rest.

Games should be no longer than 1 minute maximum.

If enough cones are available, progress to a small goal on each end-line for players to score in.

Make sure you keep a good supply of spare balls, as they tend to go everywhere when shooting is introduced!