The Discovery Phase

Beginning: Relays (2)

Variation 1

Discovery -Phase -Model -Sessions -Model -Session -5-Beginning -Relay -Diagram -1

Each player starts with a ball, and dribbles around the first marker and then cuts the ball, changing direction to the left (as shown in diagram 1). Then dribbles around the second marker, and repeats the same pattern (but cuts right this time) on the way back

Upon returning to the starting point, the next player starts the same pattern with their own ball

Variation 2

Discovery -Phase -Model -Sessions -Model -Session -5-Beginning -Relay -Diagram -2

To Vary this exercise, instead of having all players beginning at the one point, they could be split up at either end.

Player 1 now dribbles around the first marker and then passes the ball to player 2 (as shown in the diagram), who repeats the same movement and passes to player 3