The Discovery Phase

Beginning: Relays (1)

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Each player starts with a ball, and dribbles around the first marker in a full circle (as shown in diagram) then dribbles around the second marker, and then returns to the start

Upon returning to the starting point, the next player starts the same pattern with their own ball

Guidelines for relays

Avoid long queues

Keep players as active as possible (don’t keep them waiting in line for too long)

Give the group a quick break for a drink when necessary

All relays in this section can be performed with and without the ball
(the preference is to always use the ball, but it is fine to take the ball out of
the relays early in the session)

The more skill your players acquire, the more the ball should be used and the greater the challenges can be

If there are more than six players, make another lane of cones and keep it to two players in a line (this avoids long queues)