The Game Training Phase

Defending/Recapturing the ball Session 2 (Long Ball/2nd Ball)

Warm-up: Passing Exercise (D/R 2)


Game -Training -Defending -recapturing -Model -Session -2-(long -ball -2nd -ball )-1.-Warm -up -passing -exercise -A-Diagram -1

Players in the positions as shown in diagram A

Three or more players at the starting position (a) and two players at the next position (b). At least one player at the other positions (c & d)

The players pass the ball in the order 1-4 and move to the next position (a-b-c-d)

The player who receives pass 4 dribbles back to the starting position (5)

Alternate from left to right



Possible Coaches Remarks

“Pass precision and ball speed”

“Gradually increase your running speed”


Game -Training -Defending -recapturing -Model -Session -2-(long -ball -2nd -ball )-1.-Warm -up -passing -exercise -A-Diagram -2


The next step is moving back the players/cones of positions (c) (see diagram B)

Pass 3 now becomes a lofted pass that player (c) must head or volley to player (d)