The Game Training Phase

Defending/Recapturing the ball Session 2 (Long Ball/2nd Ball)

Positioning Game: 4v2 with 12 players (D/R 2)

Game -Training -Defending -recapturing -Model -Session -2-(long -ball -2nd -ball )-2.-Positioning -game -4-v -2-with -12-players

Organisation (see diagram):

3 adjacent squares (A-B-C) of 15m x 15m/20m x 20m (depending on player’s ability)

3 groups of 4 players with different colour bibs position themselves in one of the grids

The coach with sufficient balls next to grid B

The coach starts the game with a pass to the orange team in grid C (or blue in A)

At that moment players #1 and 2 from the yellow team in grid B immediately start defending in grid C: 4 v 2

Orange must try to play a pass across grid B to the blue team in grid A.
Then yellow players #3 and 4 start defending in grid A and yellow #1 and 2 go back to grid B

If the orange or blue team makes a mistake (lose possession or a pass out of the grid) they must change with yellow and defend

Steps up or down

Bigger/smaller grids

Free/limited touches

3 v 1 (9 players); 2 v 1 (6 players)