The Game Training Phase

Defending/Recapturing the ball Session 2 (Long Ball/2nd Ball)

Training Game: 8v8 (D/R 2)

Game -Training -Defending -recapturing -Model -Session -2-(long -ball -2nd -ball )-4.-Training -game -8-v -8


A pitch of approximately 70m x 50m with two big goals and divided by a halfway line (see diagram)

Two teams of 7 outfield players plus a goalkeeper

Orange consists of GK #22, DF #14, MF’s #16-18-20 and FW’s #7-9-11 (formation 1-1-3-3)

Yellow consists of GK #1, DF’s #2-3-4-5, MF’s #6-8-10 (formation 1-4-3)

Offside rule applies

Special rule

Every time the orange GK #22 gets the ball (also in open play), they must start with a long ball to the strikers (across the halfway line)

For the rest it’s a normal 8 v 8 game, but the coaching focuses on defending the long ball and 2nd ball by the yellow team