The Game Training Phase

Disturbing and Pressuring Session 2

Warm-up: Passing Exercise (D&P 2)

Game -Training -Disturbing -and -Pressuring -Model -Session -2-1.-Warm -up -passing -exercise

Two groups of 8 players position themselves in a grid of approximately
35m x 50m as shown in diagram on the right

Yellow #3 starts the passing exercise

Yellow players pass the ball in a prescribed order as shown (1-8)

Although the players stay in their positions, they must not be ‘static’ but check off and anticipate; etc

The orange players ‘pressure’ the ball as a unit without intercepting the ball
or disrupting the passing sequence


To the left and to the right

Change the role of the yellow and orange team

Include intervals with dynamic stretches

Increase the passing and ball speed

Introduce a second passing sequence

Free instead of prescribed passing sequence