The Game Training Phase

Warm-up: Passing Exercise (MP 2)


Game -Training -Midfield -play -Model -Session -2-1.-Warm -up -passing -exercise -Diagram -1

Cones and players positioned as shown in diagram A.

If the number of players allows/requires: 2 players per position or a similar organisation on the other half of the pitch

At least 2 players at the starting position and 2 at the central cone

The players pass the ball around in a ‘logical’ sequence (1-6)

Players follow their pass to the next position

Now go the other way around and players #6 and #8 adjust accordingly

Possible Coaches Remarks

“Pass precision and ball speed”

“Check off before asking/receiving the ball”

“Now we go in the opposite direction”

“Gradually increase your running speed”


Game -Training -Midfield -play -Model -Session -2-1.-Warm -up -passing -exercise -Diagram -2

“Here is another variation” (see diagram B)

Player rotations are now as follows: #3 goes to #8, #8 to #9, #9 to #6 and #6 back to #1 (then recommence)

#10 and #20 stay in the middle

“Now just improvise but use a logical order and every player must touch the ball”


Position the exercise in a ‘realistic’ area of the field