The Game Training Phase

Playing out from the back Session 1

Warm-up: Passing Exercise (POFTB 1)


Game -Training -Playing -out -from -the -back -Model -Session -1-1.-Warm -up -passing -exercise -Diagram -1

Players in game positions #2; 3/4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9/10; 11 as shown in diagram A

If the number of players allows/requires: a similar organisation on the other half of the pitch

Players #3 & #4 as well as the goalkeeper(s) at the starting position

The players pass the ball around in a ‘logical’ sequence (1-8)

Possible Coaches Remarks

“Follow your pass to the next position”

“Pass precision and ball speed”

“Now we go in the opposite direction” (to the right)

“Gradually increase your running speed”


Game -Training -Playing -out -from -the -back -Model -Session -1-1.-Warm -up -passing -exercise -Diagram -2

“Here is another variation” (see diagram B)

“Now just improvise but use a logical order and every player must touch the ball”


A 2nd ball can be introduced when the first ball reaches the #9 position.