The Game Training Phase

Transitioning (BPO>BP) Session 2

Warm-up: Passing Excercise (T 2)


Game -Training -Transitioning -Model -Session -1-(BP)BPO)-2.-Positioning -game -4-v -2-with -8-players -Diagram -2 (1)

Cones positioned as shown in diagram. Distance between the cones 5m-10m depending on ability

9 players divided in 3 groups of three (different colours)

Each group with a ball, 3-5 min random passing and moving in the area between the cones

Next they perform the passing drill shown in the diagram

Players move to the next cone after each pass

Change direction regularly (to left/right)


Game -Training -Transitioning -Model -Session -1-(BP)BPO)-1.-Warm -up -passing -exercise -Diagram -2 (1)


6 players perform the passing drill without following their ball, while 3 players (one group) defend passively (yellow in diagram B)

On the coach’s call (colour) the group that are defenders change with the group that’s been called by the coach:

‘Flying’ change over; no/minimal stop





Further Progression (advanced only)

Regularly change the pass direction on the run (orientation)

Change defenders roles at random intervals

Are the players able to transition and adjust immediately?

Possible Coaches Remarks

“Immediately focus on your new task”

“Know where you have to pass”

“Which group makes the least mistakes”