The Performance Phase

Football Conditioning Session 2 (Middle Games)

Warm-up: Passing Exercise (PP 2)


Performance -Phase -Model -Session -2-Football -Conditioning -(Middle -games )-1.-Warm -up -passing -exercise -Diagram -1

Players in their game positions (see diagram)

Right side players (yellow) and left side players (orange) opposite of one another but not interfering with each other

Minimum 2 players in the positions #3 & #4

In case of bigger numbers: set up a similar organisation on the other wing

Yellow works from top down; orange from bottom up (#7 yellow passes to #4 orange who starts the same combination in the opposite direction till #11 orange passes the ball again to yellow #3)

All players follow their pass to the next position but only on their own team

i.e. After pass 5 to orange #4, yellow #7 goes to the position of yellow #3 (same for orange #11: to position #4).

Start with prescribed pattern (as shown)

Introduce a 2nd (3rd?) pattern


Performance -Phase -Model -Session -2-Football -Conditioning -(Middle -games )-1.-Warm -up -passing -exercise -Diagram -1 (1)

Now yellow passes with passive resistance of orange: choose the right option depending on the defensive positioning of the opposing players (this option is for advanced players only)