The Performance Phase

Football Conditioning Session 2 (Middle Games)

Game Training: (PP 1) (1)

Game Training

Performance -Phase -Model -Session -2-Football -Conditioning -(Middle -games )-3.-Game -training -component -Diagram -1

Three grids A, B and C as shown in diagram on the right

In grid A, #11 yellow and an orange defender (#12); #5 yellow is positioned outside the grid with plenty of balls

In grid B, #9 & #10 yellow and an orange defender (#3) plus a goalkeeper

In grid C, #7 yellow and an orange defender (#15) with yellow #2 outside the grid

#2 & #5 yellow alternately serve a ball to respectively #7 & #11

#2-7 and #5-11 must beat the orange defenders in their respective grids through effective wing play and deliver a cross to #9 & #10 in grid B who try to finish 2 v 1

The defenders in grids A & C cannot defend beyond the red dotted line

Wing play options

The winger beats the defender 1 v 1 (situation 1)

The winger plays a wall pass with #9 or #10 (situation 2)

More wing play op...

Performance -Phase -Model -Session -2-Football -Conditioning -(Middle -games )-3.-Game -training -component -Diagram -2 (1)

The full-back overlaps the winger to create a 2 v 1 (situation 3)

The winger bounces with the full-back and becomes the 3rd man via a combination with #9 or #10 (situation 4)

The option selected by the attacking player often depends on the action of the defender. The coach may need to help the players develop their awareness and insight to select the most effective option.

Communication between the players is essential.

Also pay attention to the positioning and finishing of #9 & #10