The Skill Acquisition Phase

Skill Introduction: 1 v 1 Session 2


Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -1-v -1-Model -Session -2-1.-Skill -introduction -Diagram -1

Set up the organisation as shown in the diagram. Grids A and C 20m x 10m, grid B 20m x 15m, with two 2m goals on each byline

All players dribble with a ball in grid B

Avoid collisions (balls and players)

Make feints (free choice)

Accelerate after a feint into grid A or C


Number all players 1-4. On the call of a specific number these players ( i.e. all #1’s) feint and accelerate out of grid B and finish in separate goals (awareness; communication and decision-making!), then get their ball and return to grid.

Intro Conclusion

Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -1-v -1-Model -Session -2-1.-Skill -introduction -Diagram -2

‘Cross the canal’ to free zone on other side.

One group (yellow) position themselves in grid B and are the ‘defenders’. All other players with a ball each in grid A. On the coaches signal they must all dribble to grid C.

The defenders must eliminate runners by kicking the runners balls out of grid B. When a defender kicks your ball out of the grid, you have to get it and start to juggle on the side until a new game starts.

“Who wins?” (fastest time by defenders or last runner standing).