The Skill Acquisition Phase

Skill Introduction: Running with the Ball Session 2


Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -Running -with -the -ball -Model -Session -2-1.-Skill -introduction -Diagram -1

In a 30m x 30m grid the players are divided into pairs with a ball each (for safety reasons the grid should be rather too big than too small!).

One player dribbles in front, the other follows at short distance (change task of leader-follower regularly). In the beginning the speed is low and steady.

The coach asks the players to “scan” the field and be careful to not run into
each other.

Next the coach instructs the players to gradually add the following variations:


Accelerations (“when a space opens up in front of you”)

Changes of direction and turns


Feint stops followed by an acceleration

Feint turns followed by an acceleration


Concluding Game

Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -Running -with -the -ball -Model -Session -2-1.-Skill -introduction -Diagram -2

Concluding tagging game (using the same 30m x 30m grid)

The players line up with a ball each and facing the sideline (backs to each other).Distance between the players is 3m-4m and is marked out with cones.

When the coach calls “ORANGE” the orange players run with ball to the sideline chased (without ball) by the yellow players who try to tag them before they’ve reached the line. Depending on outcome the runner or chaser earns a point and we line up again.

When the coach calls “YELLOW”  the reverse happens.

Since safety is extremely important, the players must only run in a straight line (stay in their own ‘lane’).