The Skill Acquisition Phase

Skill Introduction: Running with the Ball Session 3


Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -Running -with -the -ball -Model -Session -3-1.-Skill -introduction -Diagram -1

A grid of approximately 30m x 30m has 4 small 5m x 5m grids in all 4 corners.

The players are divided into 4 groups of 3 players and positioned in the corner grids with a ball each as shown.

The 3 players in the corners wear different colour bibs or are numbered 1-3.
On the coaches signal all players of the same group (all orange or #1’s) run with the ball to the next corner followed by the next group, again after the coaches signal.

When everyone is back in the grid where they started; we start again but now in the other direction using the other foot only. In the beginning the speed is low and should be raised gradually.

Next we add the following variations (both with right as well as with left foot)




Feint stops followed by an acceleration

Feint turns followed by an acceleration

Concluding Game

Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -Running -with -the -ball -Model -Session -3-1.-Skill -introduction -Diagram -2

Use the set-up from the previous exercise.

One player with a ball in every corner grid; the rest of the players with a ball in the centre grid. There are one or two ‘taggers’ without a ball who try to tag the players with the ball. The players that get tagged, leave the grid and wait outside. A player can ‘escape’ the tagger by running with the ball into a corner grid but then the player that stands there must immediately leave the grid.

“How long does it take the taggers to tag all the players?”

After everyone has had a turn as taggers:

“Who are the winners?” (i.e. fastest time)