The Skill Acquisition Phase

Striking the Ball Session 1 (Short Passing)

Skill Introduction: Striking the Ball Session 1


Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -Striking -the -ball -Model -Session -1-(short -passing )-1.-Skill -introduction -Diagram -1

In a grid of approximately 20m x 20m (dependent on group size) half of the
players position themselves outside the grid without a ball and the other half
with a ball inside.

The players inside the grid dribble freely until they can pass to a ‘free’ player
on the outside who then passes the ball back to the same player (see diagram A)

Change roles every two minutes, players must use left / right foot on coaches call i.e. 2 min left foot only; then 2 min right foot only.

Possible Coaches Remarks

“Only pass the ball when the passing line is ‘open’ and make sure someone else is not passing to that player at the same time”

“Pass the ball precise and with the right speed”

“Look where you run when asking for the ball back and make an angle for the
return pass”


Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -Striking -the -ball -Model -Session -1-(short -passing )-1.-Skill -introduction -Diagram -2

Next the players form pairs with one ball and position themselves at the edge of the grid, 3m on either side of the line (see diagram B)

The players move towards each other while playing one touch passes until they have reduced the distance to 1m-2m. Then they move backwards again continuing to pass until they have reached their starting position


Right foot only

Left foot only

Right-left alternately

Notes on this Exercise

This exercise challenges the players to work on the ‘weight’ and accuracy of their pass using both feet over varying distances

Concluding Game

Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -Striking -the -ball -Model -Session -1-(short -passing )-1.-Skill -introduction -Diagram -3

All players go into the same grid we used for the previous exercises. Half of them have a ball at their feet, the others are without ball

One player is appointed ‘tagger’ and carries a bib in their hand

The tagger can only tag a player without ball. If the tagger succeeds in tagging
a player without ball, both swap roles

The players with ball can help their team-mates without ball by passing a ball to them when they are being chased by the tagger

Any balls that roll out of the grid may not be fetched back, so the passes need to be accurate.


2 or more taggers

More (or less) players with a ball