The Skill Acquisition Phase

Striking the Ball Session 2 (the 'killer' pass)

Skill Introduction: Striking the Ball Session 2


Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -Striking -the -ball -Model -Session -2-(the -killer -pass )-1.-Skill -introduction -Diagram -1

6 players are positioned as shown, distance between the cones 7m-8m.

The passing exercise starts with player #1 at cone A passing the ball to the feet of the player at cone B (who moves away with a dummy run as if getting away from an imaginary defender, then checks back to the ball to receive it).

B bounces back to A1 who plays the killer pass to the first player at cone C.

C1 moves the ball (1st touch) and passes to the player at cone D (2nd touch) and the same pattern is repeated.

All players involved move to the next cone after completing their action/pass (from cone A to B; B to C; C to D and D to A). Every 2-3 minutes: change the direction (use other foot)


Variation for advanced players

Use 2 balls, starting with A1 and C1 simultaneously

Possible Coaches Remarks

“More accuracy, play the ball to your mate’s right/left foot”

“Play the ball with more speed”

“Communicate, time your action”

Concluding Game

Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -Striking -the -ball -Model -Session -2-(the -killer -pass )-1.-Skill -introduction -Diagram -2

“Count how often you can play a successful killer pass (between the defenders)”

Every 2 minutes change of defenders and start again.

To see an example of this, click the below demo video.