The Skill Acquisition Phase

Striking the Ball Session 3 (Shooting)

Skill Introduction: Striking the Ball Session 3


Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -Striking -the -ball -Model -Session -3-(shooting )-1.-Skill -introduction

6 orange players are positioned approximately 5m outside of the centre circle with a ball each and act as ‘goalkeepers’

6 yellow players are inside without a ball, in a smaller (7m-8m diameter) circle shaped by 6 cones

They receive a rolled ball off a ‘goalkeeper’ and with a controlled instep drive, shoot it back into the goalkeeper’s hands

After going back around the next cone they receive a ball from the next ‘goalkeeper’

Change roles and direction every 2 minutes

Possible Coaches Remarks

“When we move in the direction of the clock, only use your right foot”

“When we move the other way around, only use left”

“Now goalkeepers: throw the ball and players: volley it back in the goalkeeper’s hands before it hits the ground”

“It’s about accuracy, not power”

“Now a half-volley”

Concluding Game

Skill -Acquisition -Phase -Model -Sessions -Striking -the -ball -Model -Session -3-(shooting )-1.-Skill -introduction -Concluding -Competition

“For every proper shot which the goalkeeper catches during one full round you earn a point”

“Now change roles”

“Count your points, who wins individually?”

“And which group wins when you add up all individual points”

“Now we do it again but in the opposite direction with our other foot”

“Now only proper volleys count”